Aug 20, 2016

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Apps to Earn Cash Back on Groceries

Apps to Earn Cash Back on Groceries

Want to earn cash rewards for spending cash at your local grocery store? There’s an app for that.

The cost of living is going up and up, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming down soon. So, most average workers look for all means to stretch the dollar. Opting for certain perks offered by grocery stores stand at the top of the list for saving money. You can use coupons, gift cards, and credit card rewards to save money grocery shopping.

For the average shopper, keeping track of all the rewards points and coupon expiration dates can be exhausting. Also, who has time to browse online or ask around forever about a grocery store reward? Instead of burdening yourself in this manner, you can simply use an app to maximize your capacity to earn cash rewards for grocery shopping. Here’s a list of best apps that will help you earn cash back on groceries:

Ibotta is the most popular grocery shopping rewards app: Those who use the app get rebates for certain consumer items you commonly find at grocery stores. Once you stack up the points, you can earn cash rewards. Users who download the app get access to no-brainer tasks to unlock the rewards points. For example, Ibotta may ask you to complete a quiz, participate in a poll, or engage with a product to earn cashback points. You can save up to 75 cents at the grocery store per task you complete on Ibotta. If you play all month, you can save as much as $100 grocery shopping.

Be aware that you won’t get your rewards directly at the grocery stores. After you shop, you must upload your receipts to your profile to verify a purchase. Once approved, your rebates will be transferred to a PayPal account for your perusal.

Shopmium offers desirable rebates on certain brands like Naked Juice, Thomas’ Bagels, and Chobani Greek Yogurt. You can refer to the app for an updated list of brands that qualify for rebates. Once you have purchased the product, you can verify the products with the app by scanning the barcodes using your phone. You have to upload your receipt too. Then your rebate will be deposited to a Paypal account. Cash rebates on Shopmium range from 25 cents to a little more than a dollar. The more you shop, the more you will save. Shopmium is very convenient to use and can be used at basically any store where the approved products are available.

Checkout 51
Unlike with Ibotta, you don’t have to spend time completing tasks to get your cashback rewards: The app publishes a fresh list of 20 cashback offers every Thursday. You have a week to shop for these items and save money. Checkout 51 is unique in the sense that you can get cashback rewards for non-branded fresh produce like fruits as well. Like with Ibotta, you have to upload your receipt. The major difference is that you will receive your money as a mailed check. You must earn $20 in rebates to receive the check.

You can maximize your cashback potential by using all three apps mentioned above. Use the app that offers the most rebates for items you frequently buy. For example, if you buy fresh produce a lot, Checkout 51 will be more lucrative. And if you buy a lot of branded items at the grocery store, Ibotta might work better for you.